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The first female designed

audio earring.

Made by women, for women!

All day, On demand audio

Doesn’t block ear canals allowing ​you to stay aware of your ​surroundings

personal expression

Show off your personal aesthetic in ​sleek, chic audio earrings


Finally, an audio device that fits ​comfortably and securely

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Experienced Team Led ​by Serial Entrepreneur

Katie Sterns

“Blyngz is thrilled to launch our ​groundbreaking and beautiful ​technology that gives women ​the opportunity to express ​themselves through earrings, ​as they have for millennia, ​while enjoying the benefits of ​advanced audio functionality.”

-Katie Sterns, Founder & CEO

Patented Technology

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blue ​ocean ​oppor​tunity

Unique Features

Top Secret Stamp

reimagining technology ... in your image



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Minneapolis, MN 55404

United States